Author: Megan Ainsworth

Ibiza – Know Before You Go!

How to Stay Safe and Enjoy this Top Summer Party Destination It’s that time of year when a lot of us will be thinking about exchanging our textbooks and revision notes for two weeks of sun, sea, sand and partying. Below are three of the most popular resorts in Ibiza, have a read to discover how to make the most of these buzzing sunspots while staying out of harm’s way! San Antonio Known for its lively night time vibe, fantastic sandy beach and idyllic sunsets, San Antonio is a top pick for many 18-30 sun-seekers. This resort is home to an array of large nightclubs as well as a smattering of bars in the buzzing West End, and although they offer fun times for all, the sale and use of drugs in these venues is ever problematic. In order to make the most of San Antonio’s famous nightlife, be well advised on the precautions you should take and what you should look out for. To avoid being ‘banged up abroad’ or becoming the next ‘Ibiza to Peru’ drugs mule, it’s best to avoid engaging in any drug-related activity, and keep an eye on your drink (you do not want to get spiked!) The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) have some great advice on being careful and aware abroad check out What Not to Miss in San Antonio: 1)...

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Winter travel advice for your Erasmus year abroad in France

Travel advice for your Erasmus year abroad in France: Avoid being Piste off!  Living in France for your year or semester abroad provides a great opportunity for you to explore the diversity of the different regions of L’hexagone and there is no doubt that on arrival at your partner university in France you will be bombarded with information about excursions and trips to take. This can be rather daunting and so it may be useful to have an idea about the places that you wish to visit before you leave for France, to give yourself some time to research the areas and find out any travel advice for your chosen the area, especially before you commit to an organised trip. Before you go, it is also worth checking out travel advice from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office for any travel warnings and further information for the region you are travelling to. The festive season is upon us and France does not disappoint when it comes to winter breaks. One of the most popular winter activities in France is skiing; there are many destinations to choose from so make sure you do plenty of research to be certain which resort best meets your requirements before booking. Although it can be tempting to make a quick booking for a cheap ski trip with your host university, these can be poorly organised...

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Bon Voyage! Arrival: Essential travel advice for your year abroad in France

As I stepped off the Rhone Express tram at Lyon’s huge Part-Dieu train station, I immediately felt a million miles away from home. Surrounded by loud French accents, speeding taxi drivers on the ‘wrong’ side of the road and the scorching sun beaming down on my head, I was overwhelmed. I tentatively crossed the road, struggling with my two drastically overweight suitcases, and made my way towards the Metro. I was extremely thankful that I had researched my route to my accommodation prior to my arrival and was equipped with a map of the Metro and of the city of Lyon. As I later found out, the Metro in Lyon is one of the cheapest, easiest and fastest ways to get around the city; if it is possible, I strongly recommend buying a monthly Metro pass if you are going to live in a large urban city in France. Another great way of commuting around French cities is by bicycle. Lyon had a great scheme called VéloV which was cheap and easy to set up; you can find out more info about it here. Definitely check out whether there is a bicycle scheme in the city you plan to live in, as it is very popular in France. You’re going to need to find a way to get around your town or city as soon as you arrive, so do lots of research...

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