Author: Mia Harbey

The Windows Project: A Resource for Creative Writers

As part of a Work Placement module, LSMedia writer Mia Harbey has been working closely with a fantastic organisation called The Windows Project. The Windows Project is a charitable trust, established in 1976, with the aim to ‘diffuse the knowledge and appreciation of language as a creative medium, thus improving the facility in that language.’ Based in Liverpool, but open to travelling around the country, The Windows Project and the writers and artists it is associated with run workshops in schools, playschemes, youth clubs, libraries, colleges and day centres for the elderly and the disabled. These projects are supported by...

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Review of ‘Almost Famous’

If you’re looking for that great taste of America without gathering the air miles, then search no further because Almost Famous is the answer to all of your food-related prayers. The tasty grub, unique selection of drinks and buzzing atmosphere are not to be missed, so do yourself a favour and grab one of Liverpool’s (or possibly the world’s) best burgers! So, what can you expect of the food at Almost Famous? It may look like a heart attack in a basket, but trust me when I say that it tastes like pure heaven. The menu serves all kinds of yummy American indulgences, including succulent burgers (served ‘pink and juicy as hell’), ‘Trailer Trash fries’ and ‘Crack Wings’, all of which will leave you feeling overwhelmingly satisfied, yet somehow you will want more! All of the food is very reasonably priced and its retro presentation reminds you that you’re enjoying proper American cuisine. As well as the standard menu, Almost Famous mixes it up by adding a weekly special to the list of burgers. These specials are often packed full of all kinds of surprises… Take the ‘Murrrr’ca’ for example: triple cheese burger, deep fried bacon and mac n cheese, topped off with a mini donut – if that doesn’t scream America, I don’t know what does! Never did I think I would have any form of pasta on...

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