Author: Michael Elsden

Time Is Passing By: Brandon Flowers brings his live show to London

Much has already been said about The Killers’ Anglophilia, so I won’t repeat it here – the very fact that Killers frontman Brandon Flowers chose to end his Desired Effect tour in London speaks volumes anyway. Indeed, since his band got their big break in this country over a decade ago, every single UK show performed by The Killers or Monsieur Flowers has felt like a homecoming of sorts (we are his best fans, after all). So, as a sort of companion piece to my review of Flowers’ Desired Effect LP, here’s the story of the main man’s London...

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The Empire Strikes Brum: Star Wars music in concert

On the 16th of October 2015, my mum and I went to the Birmingham Symphony Hall to hear music from all six Star Wars films being played by a live orchestra. Atmosphere crackling like a lightsaber, we were greeted by a Stormtrooper, Tusken Raider, and more fans dressed up as Princess Leia than you could shake a gaffi stick at. Photo opportunities came later, but first we had to take our seats. Our musical journey across the galaxy was about to begin. I’ve never been one to follow the so-called ‘rules’ of watching a classical concert, and was bouncing up...

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Brandon Flowers: The Desired Effect review

As lead singer of arguably the best rock band in the world, Brandon Flowers has always had a lot to live up to with his solo career. His previous album Flamingo was lauded as positively Killers-esque back in 2010, and after the stadium-shaking triumphs of The Killers 2012-2013 Battle Born tour, Flowers eventually returned to the studio to deliver a solo follow-up: The Desired Effect. One look at the album cover instantly evokes one of Brandon’s foremost influences: Morrissey. The slightly blurry shot is reminiscent of a multitude of Smiths singles covers, only this time we have a new...

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Notes for a new kind of music

Considering its cultural heritage, you’d think that Liverpool would be right at the cutting edge of new music, but all I’ve found out is that everybody here seems to play the same shit. The saddest part is that this isn’t even confined to Liverpool – think of any city in the UK and you’ll realise that everybody plays pretty much the same shit everywhere. London, Birmingham, Manchester, Sheffield…and don’t even get me started on the smaller places, derelict towns, and sleepy counties, because us human beings haven’t done shit. That said, it really depends on what mood I’m in...

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Why N.W.A are still important

Hype is nothing new in hip-hop. The latest rap albums are given extensive marketing campaigns, rappers are promoted throughout the media, and tantalising snippets of music are supposedly ‘leaked’ online to whet the appetites of hungry fans. But the hype built up around the film Straight Outta Compton is something else. Cover stories and reviews have filled the pages of publications from Rolling Stone to the self-proclaimed ‘home of rock music’ Uncut. These have then been splurged across online forums and picked apart by pop culture’s resident analysts and cellar rats, with debates raging as to the purpose of...

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