Author: Michael Sonne

So Constellations is set to close. What comes next?

“In between the crisis and the catastrophe we might as well have a glass of champagne” sayeth Peter Hitchens in an interview with Owen Jones. These words remind me of the biblical moral message regarding choosing what is meaningful over what is expedient, ‘What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? … And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul?’ (Matthew 16:26) Unfortunately, such moral purity escapes all the main political parties at present. For why? Because each is seemingly creating their own...

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In Defence of the 8th Amendment

On Friday the 25th of May Ireland is set to vote in a referendum on its fiercely debated Eighth Amendment. The amendment acknowledges, “the right to life of the unborn, and with due regard to the equal right to life of the mother, guarantees in its laws to respect, and, as far as practicable, by its laws to defend and vindicate that right”. The referendum, like most referendums, is intensely political, by which I mean it has garnered the attention of world’s media and political bodies. For example, Amnesty International recently refused to return a €137,000 donation from the...

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The Case of Count Dankula: Proof that Free Speech is Dead

Samuel Johnson, also known as ‘Maggoty Johnson’ has an inscription on his grave which can set the picture for where we are today. The inscription was written in 1851 and begins: “If chance has brought thee here, or curious eyes / To see the spot where this poor jester lies / A thoughtless jester even in his death / Uttering his jibes beyond his latest breath.” In other words, by the time the Victorian era cemented itself in Britain, those who spent their keep acting the fool were not viewed upon favourably. However, the view of jesters merely seeking...

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Why is beautiful art attacked?

‘I want to persuade you that beauty matters; that it is not just a subjective thing, but a universal need of human beings. If we ignore this need we find ourselves in a spiritual desert.’ The aforementioned quote comes from Sir Roger Scruton in his documentary ‘Why Beauty Matters’. This question comes to my mind when I step into a cathedral, see a child laughing whilst interacting with its parents, encounter an artwork such as John Martin’s Pandemonium, and when I encounter a beautiful surrounding such a river flowing through a countryside. This question as to why beauty matters...

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Pornography is bad for men and women. It should be banned.

Pornography is pervasive in today’s society. This pervasiveness is wholly negative. This year, five young pornographic actresses died, two of which are thought to have taken their own lives. The month of February saw the state of Florida pass a resolution declaring pornography a public health risk. This resolution may have drawn more sympathy if it hadn’t followed a motion on whether to ban assault rifles, which happened to be defeated. However, Florida is not alone with its condemnation of pornography. Russia has went further in its condemnation with its media watchdog, roskomnadzor, banning numerous pornographic sites. Specifically, popular...

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