Author: Michael Sonne

Who’s afraid of History?

Winston Smith in George Orwell’s 1984 declaims ‘Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.’ Knowledge of history is almost invariably a good thing, as two things can come from such knowledge; first is that collectively as a society we seek to rectify our previous mistakes, and secondly we try to have an idea of the future. Given the above, how should one view the recent string of controversies that appear to focus around the subject of history? The first is the unfortunate tweeting decision of Liverpool Labour students to tweet ‘a tongue in cheek’ 369...

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Why Trump Should Be Welcomed to the UK

Amidst the cacophony of political analysis, a familiar voice has emerged. This voice, whilst familiar, also raises alarms. That voice is of Tony Blair, who, to the dismay of the establishment of which he is a part, has argued the following:  “If we’re out of Europe and you don’t dare invite the US President to Britain, we have a problem. No matter what you think of Donald Trump, Britain has to keep its relationship with America strong.” An unwritten rule of thumb may be that when Tony Blair could be right, it’s time to take stock and reflect. Apparently, there is...

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The Academic Everyone Should Get to Know: Dr Jordan B Peterson.

A clinical psychologist from the University of Toronto has been making tracks around the U.K recently. Professor Peterson has been promoting his new book ’12 Rules for Life: an Antidote to Chaos’ which ended with him speaking to a 1,000 seated conference hall at the Emmanuel Centre London. Prior to this night, he was at Conway Hall on Sunday morning, of which I was in attendance for. So the question arises: who is Jordan Peterson, and why is he so popular? His new book comes off the back of his first book, Maps of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief, which...

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The petition to remove the name of Gladstone is misguided.

My University experience led me to the following conclusion; the perceived wisdom is not always right. Although, I have flown the proverbial nest, I still feel a sixth sense in regards to the on-goings with my alma mater. The current hot topic pervading the University is the curious case of William Gladstone. The Student Guild has received a petition ‘change the name of Roscoe and Gladstone Halls of Residence’. Why? Because William Gladstone’s legacy is marred with his reluctance towards abolition and his personal association with the slave trade. It goes without saying that most people of sound mind...

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Why You Should Vote for the Liberal Democrats

Consult your local shaman, align your chakras and the importance of the number three becomes apparent. The significance of the number three has also infected the party known as the Liberal Democrats. The last three leaders, Nick Clegg, Tim Farron and the current supreme leader Vince Cable, are clearly imbued with the magic that is found in the number three. Let me explain my point. First with a fond recalling to a special man that created “Cleggmania” Not to be outdone by Judas Iscariot, Nick Clegg spoke passionately about believing this to be a time ‘for promises to be...

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