Author: Michael Sonne

Why is beautiful art attacked?

‘I want to persuade you that beauty matters; that it is not just a subjective thing, but a universal need of human beings. If we ignore this need we find ourselves in a spiritual desert.’ The aforementioned quote comes from Sir Roger Scruton in his documentary ‘Why Beauty Matters’. This question comes to my mind when I step into a cathedral, see a child laughing whilst interacting with its parents, encounter an artwork such as John Martin’s Pandemonium, and when I encounter a beautiful surrounding such a river flowing through a countryside. This question as to why beauty matters...

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Pornography is bad for men and women. It should be banned.

Pornography is pervasive in today’s society. This pervasiveness is wholly negative. This year, five young pornographic actresses died, two of which are thought to have taken their own lives. The month of February saw the state of Florida pass a resolution declaring pornography a public health risk. This resolution may have drawn more sympathy if it hadn’t followed a motion on whether to ban assault rifles, which happened to be defeated. However, Florida is not alone with its condemnation of pornography. Russia has went further in its condemnation with its media watchdog, roskomnadzor, banning numerous pornographic sites. Specifically, popular...

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Does anyone care about South Africa?

On the 27th February 2018 the South African parliament voted in favour of a motion seeking to change the constitution to allow white-owned land expropriation without compensation. Julius Malema, the leader of radical Marxist opposition party, the Economic Freedom Fighters, brought forward the motion. The motion passed by a wide margin of 241 votes to 83 against. The matter has been referred to the parliament’s Constitutional Review Committee, which must report back by August 30. So what’s the big deal? Well, not much if you take the view of Marxist guerrilla leader Malema. The day after the motion was...

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Who’s afraid of History?

Winston Smith in George Orwell’s 1984 declaims ‘Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.’ Knowledge of history is almost invariably a good thing, as two things can come from such knowledge; first is that collectively as a society we seek to rectify our previous mistakes, and secondly we try to have an idea of the future. Given the above, how should one view the recent string of controversies that appear to focus around the subject of history? The first is the unfortunate tweeting decision of Liverpool Labour students to tweet ‘a tongue in cheek’ 369...

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Why Trump Should Be Welcomed to the UK

Amidst the cacophony of political analysis, a familiar voice has emerged. This voice, whilst familiar, also raises alarms. That voice is of Tony Blair, who, to the dismay of the establishment of which he is a part, has argued the following:  “If we’re out of Europe and you don’t dare invite the US President to Britain, we have a problem. No matter what you think of Donald Trump, Britain has to keep its relationship with America strong.” An unwritten rule of thumb may be that when Tony Blair could be right, it’s time to take stock and reflect. Apparently, there is...

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