Author: Michael Sonne

The petition to remove the name of Gladstone is misguided.

My University experience led me to the following conclusion; the perceived wisdom is not always right. Although, I have flown the proverbial nest, I still feel a sixth sense in regards to the on-goings with my alma mater. The current hot topic pervading the University is the curious case of William Gladstone. The Student Guild has received a petition ‘change the name of Roscoe and Gladstone Halls of Residence’. Why? Because William Gladstone’s legacy is marred with his reluctance towards abolition and his personal association with the slave trade. It goes without saying that most people of sound mind...

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Why You Should Vote for the Liberal Democrats

Consult your local shaman, align your chakras and the importance of the number three becomes apparent. The significance of the number three has also infected the party known as the Liberal Democrats. The last three leaders, Nick Clegg, Tim Farron and the current supreme leader Vince Cable, are clearly imbued with the magic that is found in the number three. Let me explain my point. First with a fond recalling to a special man that created “Cleggmania” Not to be outdone by Judas Iscariot, Nick Clegg spoke passionately about believing this to be a time ‘for promises to be...

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Dancing with depression at university

“In the middle of the journey of our life I found myself in a dark wood, for I had lost the right path.” – Dante Alighieri How do people feel at university? Well, that depends on their experience of university. A positive presentation of university can be: new city, independence, new experiences, new friends, a boyfriend, a girlfriend, and knowledge that will be prove invaluable for later life. What could possibly be negative about university then? Well, it is not unnatural to experience the following:  homesickness, loneliness, wholly bad experiences, no new friends, instead there is an absence of...

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Not voting is exactly what the establishment wants you to do

The 2015 general election turnout for the United Kingdom are telling. They are telling because they reveal an unspoken truth, the truth is that my generation needs to do more. Platitudes and caricatures of politics do not work. The world may be our oyster but one won’t be able to seize this oyster without engaging in the political process. The simple reason is that politicians make decisions which invariably affect the nation in a multitude of ways. Thus, as an individual who lives in said nation, why would you not wish to have your say, so to speak? The age group 18-24 had...

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Is suicide a progressive cause, and should students support it?

Humans are free to commit suicide.  The aforementioned statement may seem obvious. It is not outlandish to say that I, as I type, am free to subsequently end my life via the act of suicide upon completion of this article. The question, however, that society may reflect on is whether the act of suicide is right or wrong. Traditionally, suicide is seen as a wrong action as only God has the power over life and death. Human life is sacred. Thus, suicide would be a violation of the plan that God has for each and every one of us....

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