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Police arrive on Campus following Library theft

The University of Liverpool Library has  tweeted warning students of valuables going missing in the library. As students, we are notorious for leaving our desks filled with belongings to have casual chats in the downstairs foyer, to pop to the nearest Tesco for lunch, or even leaving the area entirely to attend a lecture or seminar. During this busy time filled with looming deadlines and revision, belongings are bound to be left unattended for short periods of time, and it looks as if certain student(s) have taken advantage of this, as a laptop has allegedly gone missing. Students were...

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“Amazing choreography, amazing music, amazing dancers…You are gonna watch an amazing show from Street Society — a group that tells the real story about street culture. Here, you can learn popping, locking, and jazz and get chances to show yourself at the stage! We aim at getting more people involved in street dance by running sessions and performing together. No previous experiences? Don’ t worry! Have you met our amazing dancers and their shows? I know they are great but let me tell you, they all started where you are! What are you waiting for? Come and dance with...

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Student Officer Candidate Interviews: Aaron Furman

Meet SO candidate Aaron Furman, a third-year business management student: “I believe this university is being run as a business and not an institute of higher education or most importantly a community. For example, Janet the vice chancellor promised the management school pastoral care 3x more budget a year ago. They haven’t received anything and instead the university’s priority is to complete a new international accommodation, which in my view is in aim to get their £20,000 a year tuition fees. The only way I see I can help is to become SU President and have an open dialogue with...

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Student Officer Candidate Interviews: Ruth Ransom

Meet SO candidate Ruth Ransom, a third year History and Politics student. “During the HistSoc trip to Berlin, in a bar one of my friends suggested I run. As I had already had a bit to drink I said yeah why not. By the next day my group of friends was already planning my campaign so I decided to get serious and actually draft a manifesto. It was during this process that I became serious about running as I am really passionate about my promises. As a course rep I realise that students like to be listened to, this is...

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ARTIST ROOMS: Roy Lichtenstein in Focus Review

As someone who knew little about Lichtenstein’s work before visiting TATE Liverpool’s exhibition, I strongly recommend you pay it a visit. Some of his work is probably familiar to you, if not directly then through its many appropriations in pop culture and advertisements. Iconic cartoon-style explosions and exaggerated comic-strip-style images can be seen everywhere. The bold, eye-catching colours and shapes in his work are hard to miss… it’s no wonder advertisers make such use of it! This is what struck me first when visiting the exhibition: how bright and exciting each of Lichtenstein’s images were. Presented in a spacious white room with grey...

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