Author: MJHarvey

Assange UK decision is a threat to future whistleblowers

For those unaware of who Julian Assange is, he was the creator of the international whistleblowing institution Wikileaks. First rising to fame on the US Governments most wanted list after leaking videos of their military’s careless acts in the Iraq War; including infamous evidence to the extent of its ‘collateral damage’ (murdering civilians). Having recklessly pissed off the US, he was detained: first, isolation in a prison, then under house arrest, before realising they had no law in which to punish him. Despite all the hassle, Wikileaks continued to allow the flow of classified information regarding institutional wrongdoings around the...

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In response to Paris: Make love, not more mistakes

This last week since the terrorist attacks in Paris, a tragedy seen by all, has left the Western world in complete turmoil. An event that has hit home hard for so many people has divided opinions among many, as it has affected us all and shook us into a frenzy of political awareness. This has happened often over the last few months, with the drowned Syrian refugee children still scarred in our minds, but this global event seems different. Whereas then, we all stood together, united only in empathy – now, we’re receiving both ends of the spectrum of emotion...

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