Author: Paula Murphy

Monday night is student night at Kasbah

Walking into Kasbah on Bold Street was akin to walking into a restaurant in an exotic country, a feeling which was reinforced by the fez-wearing, smiling waiter who greeted us. As we sat at our café-style wrought iron table, my dining companion and I both commented on the authenticity of our surroundings. Despite the fact that neither of us had been to Morocco, we found ourselves saying things like “isn’t this authentic” and “saffron is a traditional staple of Moroccan cooking”. Our immersion into the Moroccan vibe speaks volumes about the atmosphere that has been created by the staff and management at Kasbah. To start our meal we decided to have a couple of drinks and were slightly surprised to find that there were no alcoholic options on the menu, suggesting that Moroccan food, unlike Indian, Italian and the like, does not revolve around which particular beverage it pairs well with. So, after a moment perusing the soft drinks list my guest decided on a sparkling water (£1.70) whilst I chose a glass of the traditional Moroccan lemonade (£1.95). My lemonade was served in a tumbler filled with mint and lime and was extremely refreshing, and served as a lovely sweet aperitif. As we embarked on the short wait for our starters to arrive we had the opportunity to fully appreciate the décor and ambience of the restaurant. An...

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‘Beatroot’, a fresh new event at The Brink, Liverpool

At The Brink on Parr Street, Sunday nights are usually movie nights and their free Film Club draws in the crowds with big screen entertainment, ranging from foreign language thrillers to cult Hollywood classics. This Sunday, however, things were a little different, and instead of sitting back and relaxing with popcorn and a movie, patrons were introduced to The Brink’s newest monthly event, ‘Beatroot’. This new event is organised in conjunction with local people and based around healthy eating so it fits in perfectly with The Brink’s ethos of promoting health and wellbeing within a relaxed, community atmosphere. ‘Beatroot’ had a diverse line-up, including talks from two mushroom enthusiasts and a local farmer, and its debut was quirky, informative and entertaining. It was a high-energy event with two guest speakers, a compere and a band, and it thrived on being something a bit different for a Sunday night. The evening commenced with a brief talk from the event organiser, Steve Barney, who discussed his health-focused reasons for developing ‘Beatroot’. Steve is a familiar face at The Brink, as he has previously hosted an event on the benefits of ‘juicing’, with Joe Cross of ‘Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead’ fame. Steve is passionate about the juicing phenomenon and his Facebook group on the topic has over 600 members. Following Steve’s enthusiastic introduction, there was an informative talk from representatives of ‘Chaga King’,...

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Food for thought at The Brink, Liverpool

Coconut oil is the elixir of life, or so the Paleo devotees will have you believe. Not only is it a healthy and tasty alternative to animal and vegetable oils, it is also a practical alternative to underarm deodorant. As one of the ‘case studies’ eloquently put it ‘I never thought I’d be the girl who oiled her [arm] pits’. At an event which was based on healthy living, tales of oily underarms were just the beginning in a long line of fascinating, eye-opening descriptions of how ridding your body of chemicals, unnecessary fats and refined white sugar makes you happier and healthier. The event was held at The Brink and had the somewhat confrontational title of ‘Paleo vs Raw’, but anyone expecting a WWF style battle would have been disappointed. Instead, the evening consisted of two incredibly informative talks from Matt Gunn, a Paleo expert from Primal Health Fitness, and Deborah Zaher, a representative of the Raw community. During the interval between the two talks, the team at The Brink served up a delicious Paleo-inspired buffet. Packed with nutrients and full of flavour, this Paleo platter included Asian-style slaw, guacamole-stuffed lettuce leaves, ‘rice’ made from cauliflower and curried sweet potato & mushrooms. It was accompanied by an intensely tasty shot of gazpacho and, in the midst of health-conscious experts, the knowledge that the food was good for me made it...

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