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Zen Kyu, Maestro: An English Teacher’s Spanish Adventure – Review

They say that a teacher’s purpose is not only giving knowledge to students but, also, filling them with enthusiasm, and being inspiring. But what if your pupils don’t understand you as much as you cannot understand them? ‘Well,’ you say, ‘that is what all the teachers usually have to do – to gain understanding with their students.’ It is always much easier to discuss the topic when you are not involved, but most of you, undoubtedly, would be distraught with the situation the author of this book faced.   Jeremy Dean with his wife Linda, looking for adventure, went to Spain to teach English in an ‘immersion’ school. What can be said with confidence is that adventure was given to them in plenty. The ‘adventure’ started as soon as they realised that their pupils who were supposed to speak English fluently could not understand even ‘What is your name?’, while Jeremy and Linda could understand only ‘¿ Qué?’ which went after every single question they asked their pupils.  Zen Kyu, Maestro: An English Teacher’s Spanish Adventure is a wonderful book full of audacious humour, and all the situations are described in such an astonishingly light manner that even the most awkward and hopeless situations seem to be particularly hilarious from the very beginning.   As the story unfolds, you sympathize with the author and laugh at the ridiculous moments the pupils’...

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Baking bonanza: Chocolate Cookie Cake

Quite honestly, when my best friend told me about the cake she made, I took it with a pince of salt as I was aware of her incredible talent to spoil even quick-cooking oatmeal porridge. But, to my great surprise, the cake happened to be one of the best cakes I have ever eaten. So I strongly encourage you to try this recipe even if you are as unacquainted with a kitchen as is my friend, as this cake is unbearably easy to cook.  Ingredients:  350 g bitter chocolate 225 g butter 5 eggs 300 g sugar 100 g butter biscuits Method: 1. Preheat the oven to 160C. Break the chocolate into pieces and put it in the bakeware, after that, place it into the saucepan with boiling water. Make sure that water is not getting into the bakeware with the chocolate. 2. When the chocolate melts, add cut butter and stir it until you get a homogeneous mix. Remove from the heat and leave to cool a little bit. 3. Break the biscuits into small pieces but don’t crush up them into powder. 4. Beat the eggs and sugar in the mixer until you get thick homogeneous mix, which will take approximately 5 minutes. Constantly stirring, add melted chocolate.  5. Add crushed biscuits into the mix and stir thoroughly. Pour it into the spring form covered with oiled...

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Scrumptiously Saving Student Meals: Vanilla Pudding

  Nothing upsets me more than the absence of sweets in the house. Don’t worry – we will solve this problem. Even if you don’t have any chocolate bars at home you still can cook a tasty dessert which is a great alternative to unhealthy manufactured goods. When I was a first-year student and found this recipe, it became impossible for my family to keep any packs of milk and eggs in the fridge as I converted it to tons of vanilla pudding, which still remains my favourite quick-cooking dessert. Ingredients: 500 ml milk 2½ tablespoons of corn flour 1 egg 30 g sugar ¼ teaspoon of vanillin (for flavour)  Method: 1. Place the saucepan with milk on the medium heat, pouring six tablespoons of milk into the cup. 2. Add corn flour in the cup of milk and stir thoroughly, after that add vanillin, sugar and egg . 3. When milk begins to boil, set low heat and add the cup of milk with mixed ingredients. 5. Brace yourself, guys, as it’s the most difficult and responsible part of the whole cooking process. It’s utterly important to stir the medley thoroughly for five minutes without letting the milk burn to the saucepan bottom.   6. Fill in the moulds with pudding medley and leave to cool for 2 hours in the fridge.  You can fill in one big...

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Baking bonanza: Topsy-turvy apple cake

  When it came to the time to choose the first recipe for the baking column, I chose “topsy-turvy cake” without a moment’s thought. This amazing recipe, created by my mother, has always been very sought after. It doesn’t need much effort to make this smooth delicious dainty dish but the cooking method is pretty peculiar as it’s cooked upside-down. Intrigued? Ingredients:   ·        1 sheet yeast puff pastry ·        100 g refrigerated butter  ·        1/3 cup sugar ·        2-3 large apples   Also you will need a non-stick round cake pan and a large dinner plate.   Method:   1.     Preheat the oven to 180°C and line the baking tray. 2.     Take the pastry out of the freezer. 3.     Smear the butter on the cake pan. The thickness of the butter layer has to be about 3mm. Don’t be afraid of spreading too much butter – you won’t spoil the cake. 4.     After that sugar the butter layer well. Again, the cake won’t be too sugary if you add more than 1/3 cup of sugar. 5.     Peel and slice the apples. Lay them on the pan as is shown on the picture. 6. Roll out dough and cover the baking pan with it, paying attention to the edges. 7.     Bake in the oven for 20-30 minutes until lightly brown on top. 8.  Leave to cool for 1-2 hours, after that...

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