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Win two tickets to Circa Waves at the Mountford Hall

Circa Waves are coming to Liverpool on 24th March, bringing their rugged indie rock style to the Liverpool Guild of Students. The Liverpool-formed band are making a grand return to their hometown as part of their 2017 tour. This comes after their debut album entered the Top Ten in the albums chart and constant touring led them to bigger and bigger venues, including a sold-out show at Brixton Academy. Circa Waves released their second album, Different Creatures, on 10th March. NME has described the album as “heavier, harder and with a lot more clout.” The show is now sold out. However, The Sphinx, in partnership...

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UK universities go green and lead worldwide divestment in fossil fuels

The number of British Universities redirecting their investment away from fossil fuels is rising. 16 more universities have committed to stop investing in fossil fuels industry this year. This means the UK is the current world-leading country in higher education action against fossil fuels, with a total of 43 institutions divesting. The decision was led by the growing concern about increasing global warming caused by anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions. A huge contribution towards the decision was provided by student activists who have been running campaigns across the country. The numbers were released by the student campaigning network People and Planet. The...

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Drug-testing kits for students in the fight against drugs

Some students at the University of Newcastle have developed handy drug-testing kits and have been selling them for £3 each. This is the first initiative of its kind worldwide. The kits have been sold very quickly, not only among University of Newcastle students, but also to people from other colleges. The initiative is in association with the student-led organisation “Students for Sensible Drug Police” and aims to bring more awareness about drug use. In fact, the project was developed after a rise in deaths linked to drugs, especially ecstasy and MDMA, in order to make students more aware of the substances contained in drugs. The kit is easy to use. You simply need to open the small tube and put in a pill or some powder, close it and shake. After a while, the solution inside the tube should change colour to indicate what the main component of the drug is. However, the tube doesn’t seem to be very reliable, as BBC commissioned an analysis of Ketamine and ecstasy using the kit and the kit failed to correctly detect Ketamine. In fact, rather than turning red to indicate that the substance was ketamine, it turned green indicating that it was amphetamine. Although the campaigners in Newcastle admit that the kits are not perfect, they state that the purpose of the campaign is to inform students about drugs they most...

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From free-fuel cars to holidays on Mars and telepathy: our lives in 100 years time

Everyone has wondered, at least once, how life may change in a few years time. Scientists and researchers have been trying to forecast what our children’s (and our children’s children) lives may look like. This is a list of my favourite ones, from the most to the least achievable. Fuel- free cars Electric cars seem to be the best answer to the oil crisis of the last years. They don’t need fossil fuels and can be charged very easily. However, electricity derives from burning fossil fuels as well, so does not solve this problem entirely. Engineers have been experimenting...

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