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Celebrating the Chinese New Year in Liverpool

Prepare to be dazzled and stunned by the awe-inspiring sights and sounds of the Chinese New Year! With a prevalent and culturally-rich China Town, Chinese New Year celebrations are a must in Liverpool. 2018 is the Year of the Dog, and the New Year will begin with a three day celebration; get yourself to Chinatown for the free event which promises to impress, as it does every year. This year, the Chinese New Year celebrations also serve as part of the “China Dream” season that is running from February to October 2018, and will see Liverpool reflect on and embrace...

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Getting to Know You: Alex Broadhead

“I have two small children so my extra-curricular activities are pretty much the same as your average 4-year old” The ‘Getting to Know You’ series was started up by the Sphinx in order to help students get to know their lecturers better, to find out a bit more about why they do their job and what interests them. My contribution to the series involved an interview with Alex Broadhead, an English lecturer at the University of Liverpool. Alex is very well known and liked by everyone he teaches; his humorous and informative lectures provoke a positive response from students. He’s never short of a good...

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Scouse: A Comedy of Terrors – Review

Following the tumultuous year that Britain has had following on from Brexit, the country is divided and deeply confused. Fittingly, Scouse: A Comedy of Terrors explores a world where the inhabitants of Liverpool want independence from the rest of the country. The play follows one of the main figures behind the campaign for a Republic of Liverpool, Tom (Peter Washington), alongside his family and friends who all get caught up in the ensuing drama in one way or another. Tom becomes embroiled in deeply complicated and violent clashes between the police and the rest of Liverpool; beginning as a...

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Romeo and Juliet at the Capstone – Preview

Romeo and Juliet, the ultimate Shakespeare classic is coming to Liverpool – showcased at the Capstone Theatre. One of Shakespeare’s most beloved plays promises to be a visual spectacular for the audience. This heart-wrenching tale of forbidden love is the original love story as we know it and will not disappoint. Emphasising passion and true first love, this play will have you on the edge of your seats and reaching for your tissues. The cast is small, yet extremely talented and includes Zara Banks as Lady Capulet, Teddy Corbett as Paris, Giorgio Galassi as Romeo, Lindsay Huebner as Benvolio,...

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The Railway Children: Epstein Theatre – Preview

“Would not look out of place in the West End.” Sevenoaks Chronicle “The unique ballads, chorus numbers and up-tempo pieces certainly boost the production.” The Stage “The Railway Children” is a classic tale about a family who are living a comfortable life in a house nestled in affluent London. This idyllic life is rocked when the father of the family is falsely accused of spying and is imprisoned for his supposed crimes. Roberta, Phyllis, Peter and their Mother are forced into a far more simple life in the rolling hills of Yorkshire. To prove their Father’s innocence, the children go to...

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