Author: rachel-odufuwa

White Privilege

I recently attended a lecture on ‘White Privilege’ given by the distinguished academic Dr Nicola Rollock. Part of the lecture involved showing a video entitled ‘The Race of Life’, where a mixture of black and white contestants take part in a race to win 100 dollars. The race is supposed to be symbolic of life. In other words, it aims to highlight the unequal playing field in life in which white people are given a head start over black people. This head start is otherwise referred to as ‘white privilege’. After the lecture, I tried to think about my...

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What Are Degree Apprenticeships?

Why is nobody talking about degree apprenticeships? I wouldn’t blame you for not having any prior knowledge of this. I was only made aware of ‘degree apprenticeships’ after watching an episode of Question Time. In a debate about university tuition fees, an audience member took the initiative to raise the point that it is already possible to go to university for zero tuition fees; it’s called degree apprenticeships. At the time, I remember thinking, ‘Why didn’t someone tell me about this? Why am I always the last person to know about something good?’ In case you didn’t know, a...

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