Author: Reahannon Duffy

China’s First Emperor and The Terracotta Warriors at World Museum Liverpool | Exhibition Review

The Terracotta Army. A discovery that is described as ‘the eighth wonder of the world’ and not only is it one of the best archaeological finds of the 20th Century, it is also the largest of its kind. Consisting of 8,000 life size statues, including soldiers, 130 chariots, 670 horses, musicians, acrobats and much more; extraordinarily, no two are the same. In 2015, over 5 million tourists visited the site in Xi’an, China where the lost army was discovered and unearthed in 1974; and now for a limited time only, these treasures can be seen with your own eyes and...

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Review: The Jungle Book Stage Adaptation

A journey through the wilderness of India’s jungles, filled with many exotic animals and one boy: man by nature, wolf at heart. This stage-adaptation’s take on an all-time classic story maintains the key theme of identity, seeing Mowgli struggle to connect with his roots as a man, instead of a wolf, whilst also incorporating more modern themes into the production such as feminism. The majority of the cast were female, including main characters Mowgli and Bagheera. Kesiah Joseph, who played Mowgli, portrayed a passionate and adolescent Mowgli through her excellent theatrical singing; her costume’s design kept it traditional with...

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