Author: Ryan Llewellyn

Scammers Takeover Liverpool University Email?

If you are a student at the University of Liverpool you may have noticed a large number of suspicious emails being sent to you today from the university’s own email address. Many of these claim that you are the lucky winner of £500,000, or that you have been ‘specially chosen’ for a grand prize. Unfortunately, our wonderful university has not suddenly become very generous to its students; these emails are a scam and they’re designed to sucker people into giving over their private information to fraudsters.     Don’t worry there is no trapped prince who desperately needs...

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A Kinder, Gentler Politics? Not for the Many

In the wake of the scandal surrounding Theresa May’s plan for social care reforms – which would have counted a person’s home as an asset for domiciliary care – subsequently dubbed the “dementia tax” by the media; it would seem that the Labour Party had been given the best election gift they could have ever hoped for. However, not wanting to be outdone on bad policy decisions, Jeremy Corbyn has announced his plan to abolish council tax and replace it with a new Land Value Tax, called “garden tax” by the media. Labour’s new tax would mean that the...

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Help The Homeless Society Committee Profile

Help the Homeless Homeless Society was established in 2013 to try and help tackle the growing homelessness problem in Liverpool and to try and ease the plight of rough sleepers. Additionally, since the refugee crisis, the society has expanded to help refugees/asylum seekers as well. The society organises volunteering projects like the Breakfast Kitchen, which gives people in need a free breakfast every Thursday and Friday. Also, it helped organise the award-winning Sanitary Packing campaign alongside Femsoc, which gave much-needed sanitary products to homeless women. In subsequent years, the society has grown from strength to strength to become the largest paid...

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Why Macron’s victory secures a free and prosperous France

In the wake of a hard-fought Presidential election in France, Emmanuel Macron has emerged the victor over far-right candidate Marine Le Pen by a margin of roughly 30 per cent, in what is sure to be a historic election for the French Republic. Emmanuel Macron had positioned himself as the centrist candidate with his independent “En Marche!” (“Forward!”) party as he sought to unite voters from both the left and right against the Front National. However, now that the election is over what does a Macron presidency mean for the future of France? To start with the man himself,...

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Shakira Martin wins NUS National Conference Presidential Election

Shakira Martin is now president-elect of the National Union of Students, after winning 56 per cent of the vote in the first round. Shakira is a 28-year-old, black single mother from a working class background; she has two children and has previously spoken about how further education has been a lifeline for her and her family. During the election Shakira positioned herself as the centrist candidate between the incumbent Malia Bouattia and reformist Tom Harwood. Shakira has spoken of a “new NUS”, which will focus on its 7 million members instead of the union president. Her campaign centred on how further...

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