Author: Alice Sholl

LGoS campaign to save Disabled Students’ Allowance

The Liverpool Guild of Students invited a panel of Councillors, MPs and representatives of the student community to discuss cuts to the Disabled Student’s Allowance on Friday 6 June. As part of their campaign to save the Disabled Students’ Allowance, LGoS have been collecting the stories of disabled students and listening to how the DSA has affected their time at university. Presented to the panel, the members were moved by the students’ stories and have taken photos with the pledge ‘I won’t support cuts to the Disabled Students’ Allowance’, along with the campaign cards: Panel members included Maria Eagle...

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Ending street harassment: an interview with Reclaim the Night’s Rachael O’Byrne

(Trigger warning: Please note that this article discusses rape culture and street harassment) Reclaim the Night, a march that campaigns for an end to violence against women, is returning to the streets of Liverpool this Friday 28 March 2014. This year’s march focuses on street harassment, after a series of studies and reports have found that a large proportion of women are subjected to unwanted leering, whistling, groping and molesting in public. Last year over one hundred people joined the march in Liverpool’s city centre. Rachael O’Byrne is chair of this year’s campaign, and LSMedia caught up with her the...

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Harry Anderson elected LGoS President as SO results are revealed

2660 vote for Student Officer candidates Elected candidates “overwhelmed” The unpredictable results of this year’s Guild Elections were announced last night at the Liverpool Hope Creative Campus. Harry Anderson was revealed to be this year’s LGoS President, alongside James Coe, Emma Sims and Alex Ferguson. Nine candidates ran for the Student Representative Officer positions this year, with 2660 votes taken for these positions. 14% of the electorate. The Student Trustee positions were taken by Harriet Hey, Emma Hart and Jonathan White, with 1523 votes made. The LGoS Delegates elected to attend the National Union of Students Annual Conference in April...

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Guild Elections: votes more than double in 24 hours

Votes triple in 36 hours Candidates ready for “final push” Morale is high among candidates today as the number of votes have more than tripled since yesterday morning. At the beginning of day three there were concerns over the small number of turnouts in comparison to previous years. Around 500 votes had been taken in by the beginning of the third day, while in 2013 there were over a thousand in the first twelve hours. Since the troublesome online voting system has been rectified, votes have shot up and continue to rise despite the gloomy weather, reaching over 1000 this...

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Guild Election day three underway

Online voting system now simplified Postgraduates make up 70% of voting body It is almost half way through the voting period, and over 500 people have voted for University of Liverpool Student Officers. This means that only 2.1% of all potential voters have submitted their choices. This is a sharp drop in contrast to last year, in which over 1,000 UoL had voted within the first twelve hours. Technical problems have caused some people to struggle to vote, due to confusion over the Liverpool Guild of Students website voting system. Around 7500 students are already registered, so only 7%...

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