Author: Alice Sholl

Liverpool Student Homes launches re-branded service

Student accommodation service introduces new look Liverpool Student Homes, a university funded service that helps students find private sector accommodation, had its official launch on Thursday 17 October. The LSH office is located on campus, just by the gyms and under the Mulberry Court student halls. It has now been newly refurbished and rebranded, and the staff hope that the office will be more welcoming to students and give a better impression of what they have to offer. The work towards re-branding began last year, as several staff members described the previous office as a bit cramped and run down, with “so much green”. It is now spacious and new, with a cleaner blue and white colour scheme. The older green more corporate logo has been replaced with a friendlier one which is orange and blue. The agency has the largest database of student homes in Liverpool with around 16,000 bed spaces. This includes a variety of properties, from larger developments and traditional housing to studios. LSH standards are in place for every one of these homes which every landlord must comply to, which the service emphasises will protect students from poor housing conditions. Marketing & Clerical Officer Lorna Goodchild, key developer of the new brand said that “We check out properties and landlords first, and we are university funded, which is why we are different from other accommodation...

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Review: BLEACH DIY dip dye kit

BLEACH, the London salon that made dip dying a ‘thing’, has released a range of at-home products. This includes a kit for a full head of bleach, white toner, a selection of super-cool colours and of course, a DIY dip dye kit. Dip dye has been around for a while now, and the popular hair brands have been sneaking do-it-yourself kits into the high street stores in more recent times. The main one on the shelf has been L’Oreal’s ‘ombre’ kit, but from the orange hair I’ve seen in the streets and heard about in reviews it sounds like it wasn’t doing the job properly. Having been lucky enough to go to the Dalston based salon a year or so ago, I wanted to see if BLEACH’s at home kit achieved the same white-blonde ends that I’d held on to until the brittle end. My natural hair colour is dark brown, but not black – important difference in the effect bleach can have. In dying my hair again now, the very ends had a little bit of blonde/light brown left in them but otherwise entirely natural. At £7, the kit contains: 1 bottle of developing lotion (peroxide), 2 sachets of bleaching powder, 1 sachet of blending lotion, 1 conditioning repair mask, a tint brush, a mixing bowl and a pair of gloves. There are a few stages to the...

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This year’s student council elected

   New sixteen members of student council This year’s representatives for the student council were elected on Tuesday evening. Held in the temporary guild site’s Gilmour room, four students were elected for each section council; guild life, university life, society life and Liverpool life. All LGoS student officers were present in running the event. Guild life, currently run by guild president Sam Butler, focuses on guild policy, student opinion and shaping how the guild runs. The positions were taken by Kate Holmes, Andrew Newell, Ricki Hewitt and Katie Foy. Those who will now run Liverpool life, which is concerned with student experience more widely throughout the city are Danniella Persaud, Yucheng Zhoy, Jonathan White and Tom Carroll. Members introduced what they could contribute to the council, including the perspectives of foreign and local students, as well as LGBT and feminist discussions. University life was the only election which had more candidates than positions, and each was given one minute to introduce themselves and how they could improve student life. Hannah Ladd-Jones, Alexander Ferguson, Alasdair Bruce and Margaret Henderson came out on top. Leigh-Angel Bevan, the officer who represents society life, encouraged women to stand for positions due to frequent under-representation. The result was equal in gender with Julia O’Regan, Jack Adcock, Sam Jones and Emma Sims. During intervals there were a series of debates, including the legalisation of cannabis...

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How the University of Liverpool’s been in your life already

Freshers, welcome to Liverpool. And refreshers, a warm welcome back. If you’re a fan of the Beatles or football, especially a Liverpool supporter, the city of Liverpool has no doubt already been a part of your life this summer. This city has given you plenty of people to adore. But sneaking along the sidelines are folk who actually attended the University, and for better or worse have already been a part of your life without you realising. Anyone go abroad this summer, or off to a gap year or several? If you found yourself in continents such as South America or Africa it’s likely you kitted yourself out with malaria tablets and a mosquito net. This is where you can thank the university – Sir Ronald Ross, who attended Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine in 1899, proved that malaria is transmitted to humans by mosquitoes. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1902, and continued to work on the disease. A milestone towards malaria treatment, plus now we know to wear long sleeves. Nice one Ross. “The most unusual thing I ever stole? A snowman.” Ring a bell? It may well do if you’re a UK student who took English at GCSE, which you definitely did, and took it with the AQA exam board, which you may well have. Featured in the AQA anthology, Carol Ann Duffy’s poetry was the bane of our lives when GCSEs were the most...

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Liverpool tenants affected by ‘bedroom tax’ able to launch new appeal

Tenants of Liverpool may be able to challenge their subjection to the bedroom tax after a markable successful appeal in Scotland. A tenant in Kirkcaldy has been found to be incorrectly judged as liable for bedroom tax, and will have all housing benefit that has been deducted refunded. The tenant was originally found to be “under-occupying” two bedrooms of a three bedroom house, based on information provided to the council by the landlord. After an appeal to Fife council’s decision, the tribunal judge found that the property in fact had one bedroom, and that the tenant is not liable for the reduction of their housing benefit. Since April, tenants in social housing will suffer a housing benefit cut if they are seen to be “under-occupying” their properties. Those with two or more spare bedrooms will have this reduced by 25%, a majority of the 670,000 affected. The Merseyside Federation of Anti-Bedroom Tax Groups sees this as an opportunity for Liverpool tenants to appeal to their councils and question their liability for the benefit cut. The way in which this is determined in Merseyside is similar to that of Fife’s, relying on the accuracy of information given by landlords and housing associations. Room size and purpose must also be taken into account when this decision is made, and councils may be pressured to carry out inspections themselves. Regular protests have...

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