Author: Sophia Henry

The Independent Liverpool Card

If you are living in Liverpool, you are sure to know that there are many weird and wonderful things to experience while you have some free time. There’s a large range of restaurants and coffee places to enjoy in Liverpool One, on the docks, and dotted around the town and streets. However, there are also a range of lovely independent cafés, bars and restaurants that certainly do not receive the credit that they deserve. The Independent Liverpool Card is designed to encourage people to step away from the chains that we are used to and to explore the independent cafés,...

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Review: Some people V. Reginald D. Hunter

Last Thursday, Reginald D. Hunter delivered a preview of his new tour: ‘Some People V. Reginald D. Hunter’, at the Epstein Theatre. As anticipated, it was a controversial and hilariously funny performance. Typical to his previous acts, the comedian spoke about race, politics and society – although he also presented some new material on lighter matters. Hunter commented on his experiences of British culture from an American’s perspective, such as our much-loved ‘pre-drinks’. He stated that ‘the British drink like the Americans eat’ – we drink before going out to drink more, the American’s cook up a steak before going...

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‘He for She’ is Three

Although it may be difficult to believe, Emma Watson’s He for She speech will be three years old this year. It is appropriate to say that the speech had a significant impact on many people, making us all re-evaluate what it means to be a man or woman in the modern day. We were encouraged to think about what it means to be a feminist regardless of whether or not it is a title that we identify as personally. Emma Watson made an incredible speech; arguably one of the most influential ones of our generation and three years after its...

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‘Some People V Reginald D. Hunter’ – The Epstein Theatre, 16th March

“Reginald D. Hunter joins the top rank of stand-up comedians working today…A comedian going for broke, flying in the face of received opinion in a way that is simply exhilarating……this is comedy of a rare scope” – Times “Stand-up comedy’s coolest customer” – Telegraph American comedian, Reginald D. Hunter, renowned for his sharp wit, laid back style and hilarious criticisms of society, is back on tour with what is sure to be another side splitting set. The tour preview of ‘Some People V Reginald D. Hunter’ will be stopping off at The Epstein Theatre this Thursday, as well as in other cities...

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Jerwood/Photoworks Awards 2015 Exhibition – Review

This week Liverpool’s Open Eye Gallery launched its Jerwood/Photoworks Awards 2015 exhibition, presenting the work of three award winning photographers: Joanna Piotrowska, Tereza Zelenkova and Mathew Finn. The exhibition is certainly an interesting one, featuring works from each of the three artists and their respective projects that both compliment and contrast each other. While the ideas and inspiration behind the photography of each individual is very different, stylistically, all of the photographer’s pieces are quite similar in nature. Joanna Piotrowska’s pieces focus on the effects of the social space on the individual. Her displayed project consists of a range of unusual...

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