Author: Spencer Montagu

Liverpool’s Catch 22

Liverpool’s cultural scene has taken three large blows this week: 1. Costa Coffee have announced that they are set to open one of their stores in the old Whitehouse pub, known for Banksy’s Rat. The rat’s future is unknown with the council and Costa’s parent company refusing to give a definitive response. 2. The Caledonia has been bought out by a private developer who is believed to be converting the building into student accommodation, and undoubtedly a high street coffee chain. 3. Mello Mello is now facing almost certain closure, having been gazumped by an unknown source earlier in...

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Concerts attract the worst human beings

These past few weeks the news has reminded us of the worst that mankind can offer, whether it be the subversion of the food chain to earn a few more gold coins, the brutal murder of one’s partner, or simply David Cameron’s continued existence and foray into pop music. In light of this you may be thinking that all the lowest forms of human existence have been exhausted, yet there remains a bastion where the lowest of the low continue to reside, the concert. For some reason unbeknownst to me, concerts seem to attract the worst humanity has to...

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Horse: The flavour of the week.

This week brought news that in the UK and Ireland, various low end and own brand supermarket beef burgers, aren’t entirely comprised of beef. They have been found to contain fluctuating levels of equine and porcine DNA within them. The British press, bastion of reason that it is, has picked this up and ran it as moral concern, but should it really be one? In some respects yes, there has been a purposeful mis-labelling of products. If the supermarkets knew of this, it is downright deceitful and some form of legal action will bound to take place in light...

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Thanks, Boris

Boris Johnson has unveiled plans to raise the living wage in London this week, urging prime minister and fellow Eton compatriot, David Cameron to do the likewise nationally. What on the face of it seems like benevolent gesture, (a move towards a more egalitarian conservative party and in turn fairer country?) Is at best naïve and at worst an empty promise, an empty promise used to improve his media image after childishly retorting to equally childish protests on his recent trip to Bristol. I’ll be honest, this was the first time I’d even heard of the living wage, of...

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Liverpool to get cruise boost

 Liverpool has been given the go ahead for the full turnaround of cruise ships. Liverpool City Council has agreed to pay back the £8.8m of the grant it received from the government to build the cruise facilities on Liverpool’s river front. Tourists are now able to extend their stay in the city either side of their cruises. It is thought that £1m per ship could be brought into the local economy. With up to 30 liners arriving into the city yearly, this could be a significant boost to the second fastest growing economy in the UK. Liverpool’s cruise operations...

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