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Five healthy breakfast ideas to kick start your day

If you haven’t been able to stick with your resolution to be ‘healthier in 2018’ or have even grown bored of your breakfast ideas, then definitely give one of these a go. From traditional porridge to healthy pancakes, there is sure to be something to make your breakfast a little more exciting and help make the start of your day even brighter. Yogurt and Granola bowl: If you’re looking forward to the warmer months why not try a classic yogurt and granola bowl. Whether you prefer nuts, seeds or fruits there are plenty of ways to make your breakfast...

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New Year’s Day Treats: Double chocolate and orange cookies

These cookies are the perfect way to start the year with something sweet and satisfying. Whether you need something to pair with your celebratory drinks or just fancy a chocolate treat, these gooey cookies will not disappoint anyone. My Nigella Lawson inspired cookies follow a very simple recipe which anyone can follow. They are utterly delicious so you’ll be surprised that you even cooked them yourself. They’re the perfect little delight to bake for your friends and family to welcome 2018 and say goodbye to 2017! Ingredients: 150 grams plain flour, 125 grams dark chocolate, 30 grams cocoa powder, 1 teaspoon bicarbonate of...

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Food and Drink Advent Calendars of 2017

With Christmas looming there is no better time to treat yourself with a quirky advent calendar, making the run up to Christmas even more exciting! With all five calendars retailing for under £10, there’s no reason to say no! From chocolate to cereal and cheese, there’s definitely a new calendar you need to try… For the chocolate lover – obviously A Cadburys advent calendar is certainly a classic but with the Heroes calendar and individually wrapped chocolate, this is something a little more special. For only £4.99 from Amazon you will definitely feel like you’re unwrapping a present for...

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