Author: Syona Marok

Five ways to celebrate UK coffee week

In honour of UK coffee week 16th-20th April 2018, a week of fundraising to support Project Waterfall, The Sphinx has opted for a few traditional and other fun ideas to incorporate coffee into your life. These are lots of ways that you can use coffee and show your support for all the coffee growing communities and businesses around the world.  It’s as simple as buying a cup of coffee or even becoming the ultimate coffee maker by taking a barista course! Drink it! As I sit here in the Campus Starbucks writing this article and sipping on my iced...

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Top 4 red wines to buy this Easter

The Sphinx have put together our top four best red wines to celebrate with this Easter. Red wine has become a staple part of Easter due to its religious significance and it’s important that everyone is able to join in. For wine to be paired with your fish, roast lamb or even that last chocolate Easter Egg, the Sphinx have done the hard work for you, researching; price, taste and looks, leaving you with the simple job to sit back and enjoy! Best price: Jacob’s Creek, Shiraz NV, Australian, Red Wine, £7.99 at Waitrose This wine has subtle...

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Chicken, garlic and spinach pasta recipe

This pasta recipe is the perfect meal to make as the weather is starting to get (slightly) warmer. It’s such an easy recipe that anyone can follow and adapt to include your favourite pasta or vegetables. The key ingredient in this recipe is the garlic, allowing the pasta to taste fresh as well as delicious! I’m sure not everyone loves garlic as much as me, so feel free to cater it to your taste as it is definitely a flavour that can dominate a dish. Ingredients: Half an onion thinly sliced 2 cloves of minced garlic A handful of spinach...

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Quorn Chilli Recipe

We have found the perfect alternative to one of the nation’s and student’s favourite recipes; chilli. Instead of using beef we gave quorn mince a try, an increasingly popular meat substitute. With the “Quorn” mince always on offer in any good supermarket, you can likely pick 300g for £1, being cheaper and more effective than regular mince as this made at least 4 good sized portions. Not only can this recipe make a good weeknight dinner or lunch with plenty of leftovers, it tastes delicious too as you can’t tell the difference between this and regular meat. Or if...

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Five healthy breakfast ideas to kick start your day

If you haven’t been able to stick with your resolution to be ‘healthier in 2018’ or have even grown bored of your breakfast ideas, then definitely give one of these a go. From traditional porridge to healthy pancakes, there is sure to be something to make your breakfast a little more exciting and help make the start of your day even brighter. Yogurt and Granola bowl: If you’re looking forward to the warmer months why not try a classic yogurt and granola bowl. Whether you prefer nuts, seeds or fruits there are plenty of ways to make your breakfast...

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