Author: Syona Marok

Three ways to celebrate Easter at Liverpool’s Royal Albert Dock

Liverpool’s Royal Albert Dock is the ideal place to celebrate Easter with the various chocolate cocktails and food on offer. From drinking cocktails at Gusto and Revolucion de Cuba to a cocktail making class at Smugglers Cove, the Sphinx Student News have found the perfect way to celebrate Easter in Liverpool! Cocktails at Gusto The night began at Gusto for a cocktail and a goodie bag. We had some local treats from the Royal Albert Dock such as Roly’s chocolate fudge and a bakery item from Rough Hand Made boutique bakery, which were both delicious! The first cocktail of the...

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Liverpool One Student Event 2019

Students, I hope you all have Wednesday 3rd April free because Liverpool One is putting on the best Student event yet and all you will need is a valid Student ID! With multiple food and fashion offers, it will be a great day to do some shopping and make some savings too! There are plenty of vegan and nut-free options in restaurants, so there is definitely something everyone can enjoy. Here are a few of our favourite Food and Drink offers: Auntie Anne’s 30% off everything! Bill’s 20% off the total food bill. (Image: Byron 50% off the...

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Everything you should know about nut allergies

Whether you suffer from a nut allergy yourself or know a friend or family member that does, this is everything you need to know about nut allergies and allergic reactions. If living with a possible life-threatening allergy, it’s important that not only nut allergy sufferers are educated, but also those who surround us are too. Having had a nut allergy since birth, I have luckily never had a serious reaction, but I have definitely become very cautious with what foods I consume and can quickly spot if I am about to have an allergic reaction. So, here’s everything you...

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Cheese Fest 2019!

Cheese, glorious, cheese! Cheese Fest will be returning to Liverpool on 23rd March to celebrate not only cheese but 30 years of Wallace and Gromit! Cheese fest has got our taste buds tingling as we can all, “experience some of the greatest cheeses in the world with melted raclette, gooey mozzarella sticks, top-notch toasties, and a whole host of unique slices and cheese innovations from the UK’s best traders.” This will be a great day out for family and friends with food and entertainment. There are a number of activities for kids and even students as they can enjoy...

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Pancake Topping Ideas

Pancake Day (Tuesday 5thMarch) is right around the corner and it’s time to get your ingredients ready for the sweet or even salty cravings! Whether you’re a classic lemon and sugar or searching for something new to try on Pancake Day, The Sphinx has created the ultimate pancake toppings list for everyone with vegan and nut-free options! Pancake Recipe to follow (This makes approx. 4 medium sized pancakes): Ingredients (We have included some gluten free and dairy free alternatives to use): 1-1.5 cups of milk (for a vegan option, substitute cow’s milk for almond, coconut or even oat milk) 2...

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