Author: Terence Conchie

Hammond & Co. for Debenhams

Forget the Rihanna/River Island collaboration that’s had the vast majority of the British Isles wetting themselves with excitement in the past few months. Yesterday Debenhams, themselves no stranger to celebrity collaborations, announced a twinning with Savile Row supremo, designer Patrick Grant and their plans to unveil a collection of budget friendly Savile Row inspired suits. I thought it a massive juxtaposition too but with Grant at the helm anything is possible, the designer has said the following: “We have worked hard to ensure the synonymous cut, subtle flair and the perfect proportion is present through every piece, Hammond & Co is a house with a...

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Spring has (nearly) sprung.

A wonderful thing happened this morning. It was light when I woke up. Having the most dreadful spate of 9 o clock starts this semester means I’m up habitually at seven (nearly) every morning. Usually to a pitch black dreary day but today the sun was out! Spring is so close, and along with it comes a whole plethora (see, that English degree wasn’t wasted) of key pieces to update your wardrobe with: Neon Is there anything better than looking like you’ve been coloured in with a highlighter? I’m being serious. Neon is back and I love it. The brighter...

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The Moderator and Me

If you’re not familiar with the new fad invention “The Moderator” please feel free to get up to speed here: The Moderator Official Website Now, as some of you may know, I am powerless to resist a fad, of any kind. If it makes promises I will buy it. Mostly out of curiosity and a personality that dicatates I always, always have to learn things for myself and, more often than not, the hard way. Some of you may also know, if you’ve had the misfortune to be close enough to see, that I have the most disgusting hands in human...

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The Eco-Age Fru-Gal challenge: Get involved!

Eco-Age, a fashion magazine dedicated to promoting ethically friendly fashion (because let’s face facts, green is the new black) has recently launched the fru-gal challenge. A challenge whereby the participant has to source and wear ethical, vintage or second hand clothing for one week, documenting their efforts through photographs on the site and social media. Jenny Grenwell, a contributor for Eco-Age has recently asked members of the University of Liverpool to get involved with the challenge, with a view to a possible campus special. A few members of the LSMedia fashion team are getting involved but we want the project wider! If you...

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Campus Style: Freshers Fair

Like every year last Sunday’s Freshers Fair (or Welcome Fair, or whatever it’s calling itself these days, I can never keep up) was absolutely hectic and chock full of new and returning student. Some looking every inch the fashion forward student, so it was only right that the first Campus Style feature was at the fair.              There were also lots of amazing looks that unfortunately I didn’t capture on film because, well, I’m not the world’s greatest photographer BUT it’s plain to see that we have a very stylish campus. Campus Style is...

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