Author: Thomas Michael Massam

Lady Gaga “The Cure” | Single Review

Lady Gaga has had an immense 2017 so far: she served as the epic headliner for the “Super Bowl 51 Halftime Show”, her upcoming “Joanne World Tour” sold out in a matter of minutes, and she made a guest appearance on the Season 9 premiere of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” which accumulated over 1 million viewers worldwide, the most the show has ever had. What else could she possibly do to top this? The answer: replace the now-pregnant Beyoncé as Coachella’s first female headliner in years and unexpectedly release a new song titled ‘The Cure’ (not to be confused with...

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George Diaz ‘Can’t Say’ | Single Review

‘Can’t Say’ is a guitar ballad created by 21 year old gigging musician George Diaz from London, who has been writing songs since the age of 14. An instant advantage for Diaz here is that some music followers today admire musicians like him who contribute to songwriting and playing their own instruments, as they believe it shows an extra form of commitment and talent. His latest offering is a quirky yet soothing ballad which reaches out to a long lost lover. Judging by the meaningful lyrics, “My head’s still spinning, I just need time,” Diaz does not appear to...

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‘Gabriel’ starring Paul McGann at the Liverpool Playhouse – A Review

Gabriel is a play set during the 1940’s in Nazi-occupied Guernsey, written by Moira Buffini. It was designed to tell an enthralling, and in parts, comic story of how a family’s life is turned completely upside down, after the body of a man is washed ashore. In some ways, the play succeeds in doing this. Gabriel’s enclosed setting of Becquet’s farmhouse creates a tension that pervades throughout. The play focuses on four female characters, all of whom are very different in terms of their behaviour. However, they all continuously grip onto a sense of normality in the face of such challenging circumstances....

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“Gabriel” Starring Paul McGann at The Liverpool Playhouse

Moira Buffini’s riveting wartime play Gabriel comes to the Liverpool Playhouse from Tuesday the 4th to Saturday the 8th of April. Liverpool-born actor Paul McGann, renowned for his roles in Doctor Who and Luther and his performances in theatre productions such as Helen at The Globe and Butley in London’s West End, stars as Commander Von Pfunz in this enthralling Second World War drama. Buffini’s play tells a gripping story of Nazi-occupied Guernsey in 1943, with mother Jeanne doing everything possible to protect her daughter Estella and daughter-in-law Lily from the treacherous conditions of the time. When a mysterious male stranger washes up on...

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