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District Nursing: Rare Photographs and Rarer Memories

On a sunny Saturday afternoon in a Hunts Cross sitting room I was riveted by a wealth of photographic history of one of the most significant public health programmes of the twentieth century; District Nursing. The original model for ‘District Nursing’ was pioneered by William Rathbone (1819-1902), a Liverpool Merchant and Philanthropist. He had the noble intention of mobile nurses going to some of the poorest districts in the city,  ‘nursing the poor’ and ‘to relieve suffering and teach the rules of health and comfort’. Inevitably the charity driven work grew and spread to other cities across the UK,...

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“I’m asking what’s in it, ’cause I don’t want to die”

A ‘life or death’ decision is not usually associated with going out for a meal with friends, trying a new cuisine or browsing the array of sandwiches on offer in any high-street chain. However, it is part of a conscious decision on the mind of anyone, like me, who carries an EpiPen in their backpack or coat pocket, just in case my judgment alludes me. Nonetheless, I’m not asking for sympathy because I accommodate my nut allergy into my routine. Quite frankly, life is far worse for some people, and my allergy, luckily, is fairly mild. Yet, this little fact about...

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