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Emeli Sande, Our Version of Events, Album review

LSMedia rating- *** 1/2 We are all too aware that we live in a world where the music industry is fronted by stand out figures, some using the title singer very loosley, who are supported by hoards of PR people, music bosses, stylists and of course song writers. Many singers and bands that storm the charts aren’t really a creation by themselves, but created by others. However, in the case of this review individuals that play a part in such a world are not necesserialy a bad thing. Que Emeli Sande, she has penetrated the music industry by being one...

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Casablanca Film Screening, St. Lukes Church.

LSMedia Rating- ***** Often referred to as the greatest film of all time, Casablanca encompasses all that is beautiful and majestic in the world of cinema. So its no surprise that those clever fellows at Urban Strawberry Lunch decided to screen it on the most romantic week of the year. Never heard of them? Well you should have if you’ve ever walked past the bombed out church. All that drumming? That’s Urban Strawberry Lunch and their creative outlet. Their famous outdoor film screenings showcase a host of classic cinema throughout the year. Set amongst the beautiful ruins of St. Lukes church, a...

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Carnage Film Review

LSMedia Rating- **** The concept of single setting theatre adapted for the silver screen can sometimes be perceived as duller than the B.B.C. Parliament channel, however Roman Polanski’s theatre adaption Carnage blows all preconceptions out of the water. Adapting Yasmina Reza’s play God of  Carnage, Polanski pokes a hug finger of fun and cynic at the world of the middle classes. Especially those of the New York breed. Filmed in real time in a single apartment, and yes if you’re being technical the corridor as well, we see two rather demure middle aged couples falling apart at the seams and loosing their morals in the space of no more than a...

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Liverpool University Rowing Team hold 24hour Rowathon for Charity

The University of Liverpool’s rowing club, also known as LUBC, held a 24 hour rowathon this weekend in aid of the charity Help For Heroes. Over a period of 24 hours, around 48 of the clubs members each spent an hour to two hours on a rowing machine. The gruelling feat was in aid of raising money and awareness for the charity that provides support for war torn families, individuals and soldiers that have been affected by war. From 6pm on Friday 10th Febraury to 6pm on Saturday 11th, LUBC occupied the open area outside of Liverpool One’s Odeon...

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I Killed My Mother, DVD Film Review

LSMedia Rating-**** Many may think that the realms of French Canada are not the most stereotypical place to find revolutionary cinema, however those in the know will know of Xavier Dolan. A bud just flowering, his directorial debut I Killed My Mother (Ja’i Tue Ma Mere) is a curious piece of cinema. Sweeping Cannes on its premier screening in 2009, I Killed My Mother encompasses everything to do with teenage angst and family dispute. Xavier has created a significant amount of buzz around him, at just 19 his directorial abilities are remarkable as is his acting. He plays the lead of...

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