Author: Tom Marchant

Guild to hold Preferendum on SO gender quota

Following the Liverpool Guild of Students’ 2017 Officer election, which created the first all-male team in over 30 years, current SO Yasmin Gasimova proposed an idea to Change It, calling for a gender quota. After receiving 107 votes of support and 204 votes of disapproval, the idea was presented to Summit – the Guild’s democratic decision-making process, in which groups of randomly-selected students make decisions about often-controversial aspects of Guild and university life. Summit was unable to reach a consensus today, meaning the issue will be put to the entire student body in a Preferendum. Initially, guest speakers presented the arguments...

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Pro-Life Society plans cause problems at the Guild

The Guild has this week been embroiled in a scandal involving the newly-approved UoL Pro-Life society. The Society’s approval sparked fierce criticism on campus –– a petition to remove the society has been launched on the Guild’s own website. The petition, which started only yesterday, has attracted 123 upvotes at the time of writing, and the number is rising steadily. The creator of the petition, Katriana Ciccotto, said: “whilst I understand and the Guild’s policy towards freedom of speech, misogyny does not come under this category”. This petition has led to a response from multiple organisations, most notably the Guild. In a statement released...

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Liverpool Mayoral Election: what you need to know

Tomorrow the people of Liverpool go the polls to decide on their elected mayor for the next 4 years. This election will have important effects for the City of Liverpool and for students across the city, so here’s a look at the candidates and what they offer to the public. Each voter casts a First Choice vote and then a Second Choice vote, under a system known as ‘Supplementary Vote’, which is also used in the London Mayoral Election and others across England and Wales.   Joe Anderson – Labour The incumbent mayor and first elected Mayor of Liverpool...

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Racism at university: The Sphinx’s online survey

In the wake of an alleged incident involving racist slurs directed at a University of Warwick student, the Sphinx has decided, as part of a wider cooperative effort by various student media groups, to run an anonymous, online survey of Liverpool students, asking them if they have ever experienced racism on campus, in halls, or in public during the course of their degree. Whatever your ethnicity, and whether you have never seen any evidence of racism or have suffered harassment yourself, we want to hear from you. In order to maintain anonymity, unlike surveys at other papers, we have...

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University reveals extent of animal testing

Information made public by the University of Liverpool earlier this week through a Freedom of Information request have revealed the extent of the University’s use of animals in experiments and testing. In 2015 the University used 23,157 animals for testing, with 18,102 being mice. The use of animals by universities continues to be a contentious issue, with Liverpool and others subject to debate over whether universities should be taking part in the activity. Of the 23,157 animals used, 152 were rated ‘non-recovery’, meaning they perished during or soon after the experiment. Additionally, 1,750 mice, 9 rabbits and 7 domestic...

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