Author: Tom Marchant

Breaking the rules to win the game

‘…the government is dismantling its long-standing respect for the rules in favour of winning at all costs’ A long standing tradition in British politics is that the players respect the rules of the game, and the defenders of these rules have long been the Conservative Party; this is no longer the case. By 2020 the number of MPs will most likely be reduced from 650 MPs to 600 by the Boundaries Commissions. On the face of it, it doesn’t sound too bad, many people feel that there are “too many MPs” and question how effective this number can be....

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Matt Forde and Andy Burnham: getting the political party started

This Thursday at 18:30 political comedian Matt Forde is bringing his ‘Political Party’ to the Guild, along with Labour’s Andy Burnham. As part of his tour around the country off the back of his Edinburgh Festival show, he’s coming to the Stanley Theatre to “blend topical stand-up and political debate, with the some of the most colourful characters in politics”. So move quickly, as tickets could run out fairly soon! Matt Forde has worked with Rory Bremner in the past, forming part of the Coalition Report and Election Report, as well as numerous appearances on Mock the Week and...

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Prime Minister’s Questions 03/02/16

In what was his weakest performance at PMQs since the General Election, David Cameron struggled to answer successive questions, both from the opposition and his own party. After the announcement that he and Donald Tusk, President of the European Council, had agreed to a deal for the renegotiation of the UK’s relationship with the EU, he was grilled by several MPs, including SNP Westminster leader Angus Robertson. Jeremy Corbyn was his calm and collected usual, with an air of geography teacher about him, setting out to critique the PM using the NHS as his tool. He asked Mr Cameron...

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Donald Trump ban debated in Parliament

US Presidential hopeful Donald Trump was discussed by MPs yesterday, in a 3-hour debate on the matter of the petition calling for him to be banned from the country by the Home Office. 575,740 people signed this, deeming it the largest e-petition ever on the Parliament website, much bigger than that demanding no military strikes in Syria, and triggering today’s debate. Mr Trump, currently vying for the Republican Party nomination in the USA, called for a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States” back in December, provoking an outcry across the world. Although the debate did not...

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Oldham West and Royton by-election: results

In the first by-election since the General Election in May, the Labour Party increased its majority in the constituency by 7.4%, with 17,322 votes cast in Labour’s favour, a majority of 10,835. The death, on the 21st of October, of former MP Michael Meacher, who had been MP of the area since 1970, triggered a by-election testing the Labour party for the first time under new leader Jeremy Corbyn. In the May general election, the turnout was 59.6% of the electorate, with today’s turnout in Oldham at 40%, and Labour increased its share of the vote from 54.8% to 62.2%...

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