Author: Tom Hyland

The Week in Trailers #3

One of the cons of pursuing a part-time M.A. course is the relative lack of direction. Sure, who wouldn’t love to have no exams in January? I mean, think of all that free time! But wait – what do I do until Refreshers Week? When I have nothing to do, I have taken to devolving into a child-like, irresponsible state – I catch up on yet another disappointing episode of The Walking Dead, and marathon the Marvel Netflix shows or I watch Lets Plays of Skyrim. It is when I reach this nadir of human dignity, that I take to the nearest...

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The Week in Trailers #2

You probably thought I was gone, didn’t you? I can hear you now: ‘where, oh where has our sarcastic messiah gone?’. Calm down, calm down. I’ve gone nowhere – both geographically and professionally – and am back for another trailer talk. A sequel if you will. Why haven’t I done one of these for a couple of weeks? Simple, the trailers just weren’t up to snuff. We had a great week for trailers a few weeks back, and since then, the meagre offerings that Hollywood has presented us with have been found wanting. I would have loved nothing more than...

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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – Review

Director: Gareth Edwards Running Time: 133 minutes Rating: 4.5/5 It wouldn’t be unfair to refer to Rogue One as ‘fan service’. When I think of fan service, what comes to mind is dumb pandering to the lowest common denominator – well-known characters making appearances for no good reason, repeated lines of dialogue, and blatantly replicated story beats. Such a devotion to self reference typically triggers my gag reflex. But here’s the rub – Rogue One does all of this, and somehow it works, perhaps even more effectively than last years The Force Awakens. Taking place between Episode III and Episode IV, Rogue...

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The Week in Trailers

If you reading this are anything like me, then 2016 has probably been a rough time for you. Brexit, the rise of Trump, Syria, and a string of high profile celebrity deaths are just some of the things that made this year a damned dumpster fire. But do not despair children, for I, an underachieving Masters student, am here to distract you from your misery with a redundant breakdown of the trailers of the week! From yet another Spider-Man reboot, to Vin Diesel turning on his family (?!), there were a lot of interesting trailers this week. That at least suggests...

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Ken Loach’s ‘I, Daniel Blake’ – Review

Ken Loach’s career has spanned fifty years – his first feature film being released in 1967 and having produced numerous teleplays for the BBC as far back as 1964.  It is exceedingly rare for a filmmaker to be working for such a long period: it is rarer still for that filmmaker to still be capable of producing something that carries any semblance of importance or gravitas. Ken Loach not only meets this uncommon criteria – but he surpasses it. His work may never have felt more relevant than it does today. I am of course, referring to his new film, I, Daniel Blake. It tells the...

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