Author: Vicki Crowe

Sweet Tooth Sunday: Moose Coffee – review

Exams finished on Friday and I think it would be reasonable for me to assume that most of you went out at some point this week. I hope that you all made the most of the end of your year (and for some of you the end of your degree!) and I hope that you aren’t suffering too much with your hangovers! I do however have the solution to your hungover condition in the shape of a moose, Moose Coffee to be specific! Moose Coffee is a popular independent cafe on Dale Street which serves American and Canadian style...

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Couch to 5k – the Running Revolution!

  Some of you may have noticed with your student lifestyle that over the past year (or even few years) that your jeans are getting a little tighter and that the local takeaways have got the better of you. You’ve become a lazy student… So calling all students, get your legs in gear and get running!  Running is good for so many reasons, although you may think that it just works your legs you will be surprised to find that it tones your whole body, especially your arms and belly. Like all exercise, running strengthens your cardiovascular muscles, meaning...

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Sweet Tooth Sunday: White Chocolate and Ginger Cheesecakes

These are mini cheesecakes, ideal for a little bit after dinner or an afternoon treat. They look cute and like they took ages and ages to make. They’re sort of inspired by the white chocolate and ginger cheesecakes from Japanese restaurant chain Wagamama, which really are divine. Ginger and white chocolate is a classic combination and it really works in a cheesecake. These are easy and cheap to make, guaranteed to hit the spot! Ingredients (makes 6): 100g ginger nuts (or similar ginger biscuits) 200g cream cheese 100g white chocolate (I used Lindt white chocolate with a hint of vanilla...

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Free State Kitchen – review

Nestled in between the Philharmonic Dining Rooms and the Everyman Theatre is Maryland Street. With the Everyman, the Philharmonic halls and of course the University of Liverpool nearby there is plenty of choice for anyone feeling a little peckish. At the Rodney Street end of Maryland Street is the newly opened Free State Kitchen, serving a contemporary twists on American classics such as burgers and hotdogs. With eateries such as local cafés and French restaurant Bistro Jacques nearby, an American themed restaurant is a good choice for the area. Liverpool is a city of many cultures and this restaurant...

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Revenge: Episode 17 – review

Last week Aidan managed to get onto Daniel’s side, be it for better or worse. Meanwhile Emily and Nolan’s attempt at bankrupting the Graysons ended with the blockage of the mysterious and powerful Falcon’s anti-hacker software, another issue for Emily to overcome. The appearance of Amanda’s foster brother, Ely, has confused everything especially as we don’t know who we can trust or what is going to happen next in Emily’s plans now. This week Emily finds out a bit more about Ely and his motivations, her questions will be answered, but will they be the answers she wanted? The...

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