Author: Victoria Simpson

Legally Blonde: The Musical at the Eleanor Rathbone

As Elle Woods would say ‘OH. MY. GOD. OMIGOD YOU GUYS!’ This March 2017 Artefacts is bringing the internationally acclaimed, award winning Legally Blonde: The Musical to the Eleanor Rathbone Theatre. Feeling a distinct lack of chick-flick in your life? Then this upcoming production, smack bang in the middle of Campus, will be right up your street! The plot centres on UCLA Sorority Sister, and all-round golden girl, Elle Woods. After her life-plan takes an unexpected turn for the worst and having been unceremoniously dumped by her long-term lover, Warner, Elle sees her life change dramatically. Woods goes from...

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‘Generation Revolution’ – Film Screening Tonight at FACT

In tandem with the Black Lives Matter movement, Wood Street’s architectural gem, FACT, will be hosting a showing of Generation Revolution on 22nd November followed by a Q & A with the filmmaker. This resonating documentary was first broadcast at the Sheffield Doc Fest and was formally released earlier this month to be shown at select Picturehouse cinemas, putting a British slant on a global campaign revolving around an international activist campaign. The plot of the film focuses on two activist groups in London, the ‘Black Revs’ and the ‘R Movement’, with their leaders and members evolving through the...

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Stranger Things: Season 2 – What to Expect

Over the past few months, Stranger Things by the Duffer Brothers has been the Netflix hot topic and you would have to have been buried under quite some rock to miss mention of it on social media. Combining the eeriness of American Horror story with all the underrated nostalgia of The Goonies, it smartly captures the ‘high concept’ feel of eighties cinematography that was classically thrilling but easy to follow. Set in the fictional Indiana town of Hawkins, the plot sees a neighbourhood descend in to mystery and superstition after a young boy goes missing not far from a...

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What’s On? Comedy Central – Live at the Guild

Liverpool Comedy Central in the Baby Blue basement has long been one of the many gems of the Albert Dock. The sophisticated basement venue puts groups of the finest comedians on the circuit on display every Thursday, Friday and Saturday with tickets retailing at around £15. Given its distance from campus, the docks are not the most regular haunt of students on a weekday night and £15 is enough to make to make you think twice. But fear not – the Guild has just announced two upcoming dates for Comedy Central shows at a not-to-be-sniffed-at price of £5.38. As...

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Independent Liverpool Halloween Film Festival

In a fitting follow up to their recent Sefton Park Palm House cinema sell outs, Independent Liverpool are planning to set their fans on edge with a Halloween Blockbuster spectacular on the 30th of October. Where better a place to host a Halloween celebration than Liverpool’s own abandoned hospital, Newsham Park? The Victorian mental asylum-turned-orphanage and its maze of blocks, wards and morgue have sat in rubble for decades now, gathering dust and cobwebs that will provide the ideal eerie backdrop to a night of screams and cowering behind your chair. To add an extra level of depth to...

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