Author: Victoria Wilson

Are the old methods the best for UK Dairy Farmers?

“It was good enough for my father, so it’s good enough for me!” I’m sure nobody would be surprised to learn that this quote was the opinion of a UK farmer. The agricultural industry is frequently portrayed as old-fashioned and out-dated, often being told it needs to move with the times and finally adapt to using modern technology.   This summer I was thrilled to be on placement with Joe Peacock, dairy farmer based in the north east of England. As part of the process of taking over his family’s home farm in Sedgefield, he mentioned that he had...

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One Health 2018 Comes to Liverpool

The University of Liverpool was proud host to the One Health National Student Conference on Saturday 10th November 2018, and I was lucky enough to attend along with fellow veterinary students and medical students. The day featured a whole host of talks on pressing topics, all related to the breakthrough approach to healthcare involving Medical professionals, Veterinarians and other scientists, working together to the promote the highest possible standard of public health: ‘One Health’. Throughout the day, current issues spanning a wide spectrum were discussed, including; antibiotic resistance; the link between animal and child abuse; zoonoses, and healthcare interventions...

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Clinical Life: All Work and No Play?

It’s been over two years since I was preparing to move to an amazing city and embark on the most exciting adventure of my life so far. Like many students studying the clinical sciences, it has been a life-long dream and ambition to get to this point; a veterinary student at last. Many of the students on these clinical science courses may have experienced being called a ‘swot’ or a ‘teacher’s pet’ throughout their education so far. Having classes with other students that spanned across the academic spectrum, being in the top percent of their school would have been...

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