Author: Victoria Wilson

Pugs’ Pretty Face Pays The Price

As a nation, we all love our animals and who could be closer to our hearts than man’s best friend; the dog. Dogs have been at our sides for centuries, but we are starting to see some pretty drastic changes in what they look like. Gone are the dogs who have those beady eyes and a long snout, now, the flat-faced, big eyed breeds are melting our hearts and finding themselves in our homes. They may look cute, but life is certainly not all fun and games for these puppies! As a veterinary student, the mentions of pugs and...

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University of Liverpool Faculty Poster Day 2

Today, Wednesday 27th March, the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences are hosting a Poster Day between 12pm and 3:30pm in the Crypt of the Metropolitan Cathedral. The day offers an opportunity to showcase the cutting edge research currently taking place at the University of Liverpool by second and third year PhD students. The schedule for the Health and Life Sciences Poster Day is: • 12:00 – Teaser talks by post-graduate students as well as by the post-graduate Employability Support/Career Studio and the Technology Directorate. • 13:00 – The poster session, where you’ll be given the opportunity to explore...

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Tuberculosis: The Forgotten Disease

Tuberculosis (TB) is quite a well-known disease, which most of us associate with either animals, or deprived and developing areas, but did you know it’s here in the UK too? As a vet student, I have heard of TB in the context of testing cows on farms, but was shocked to discover that there are around 5,000 cases of human TB in the UK every year. My surprise continued to grow as it was found that 1 in 4 students are carrying a form of latent TB, which can become active and cause disease. The 24th March this year...

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We Strike for Change, for Climate Change

Last Friday, 15th March, we witnessed the biggest climate change strike yet. With 100 countries seeing their students walk out of schools, including 60 towns and cities in the UK, students across the globe stood up for their future, hoping that the politicians and world leaders would take notice. The actions of the industry giants have rapidly been depleting the earth’s natural resources, as well as the ozone layer. We all know the impacts of greenhouse gases and how we should recycle some plastic, but there needs to be more than that if we have any chance of slowing...

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University Mental Health Day: no need to stress

Today is University Mental Health Day; a national event that aims to raise awareness for protecting the mental well-being of students. It’s easy to think mental health only affects other people, but we are all vulnerable to battling mental health in exactly the same way as we have to cope with physical health conditions. University Mental Health Day is right on time for those students whom are starting to get into the nitty-gritty of exam revision and starting to feel the pressure mount up. Of course, we all want to do well and working hard is the only way...

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