Author: Victoria Wilson

Homesickness: nothing to be afraid of

  February has arrived and seemed to disappear quicker than a British summer, and that can only mean one thing, we’ve either had a lovely Valentine’s Day, or we’ve had a lovely February 15th buying all the reduced chocolates! Valentine’s Day can be wonderful when you are in a loving couple and able to enjoy the day together, but this is not so much the case for those missing home. Being half way through my third year at university, I feel well integrated into life here, in Liverpool; I have found new hobbies, I have balanced my time to...

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Beware of the Highlighter!

Exam season is well under way, and the majority of us are either glued to a desk, taking over the living room and dining room table, or trekking to and from the library, without seeing so much as a glimmer of daylight! Whatever we have claimed as our revision space, we can almost guarantee that there will be that one piece of equipment that we can never be without: the humble highlighter. It’s so tempting to reach for that print out of lecture slide notes and your favourite highlighter pen to start adding colour to your grayscale, dull looking...

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Fighting Festive Stress

  Christmas time is nearly upon us. A time for seeing friends and family, for giving and receiving gifts. A time when we need no excuse to eat food based on tastiness rather than nutritional value. Christmas is generally the time we rely on to recharge our batteries! What’s not to like? As it transpires, quite a lot! From the more obvious stresses such as; juggling revision for January exams, whilst still making time to see your friends and family; to a precarious financial situation; to the more abstract stresses we don’t consciously consider: those annoyingly repeated songs and...

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Are the old methods the best for UK Dairy Farmers?

“It was good enough for my father, so it’s good enough for me!” I’m sure nobody would be surprised to learn that this quote was the opinion of a UK farmer. The agricultural industry is frequently portrayed as old-fashioned and out-dated, often being told it needs to move with the times and finally adapt to using modern technology.   This summer I was thrilled to be on placement with Joe Peacock, dairy farmer based in the north east of England. As part of the process of taking over his family’s home farm in Sedgefield, he mentioned that he had...

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One Health 2018 Comes to Liverpool

The University of Liverpool was proud host to the One Health National Student Conference on Saturday 10th November 2018, and I was lucky enough to attend along with fellow veterinary students and medical students. The day featured a whole host of talks on pressing topics, all related to the breakthrough approach to healthcare involving Medical professionals, Veterinarians and other scientists, working together to the promote the highest possible standard of public health: ‘One Health’. Throughout the day, current issues spanning a wide spectrum were discussed, including; antibiotic resistance; the link between animal and child abuse; zoonoses, and healthcare interventions...

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