Author: Yasmin Gasimova

Vote Remain on Thursday.

Before you go to the polls on Thursday, ask yourself: What country do I want to be part of in the world? A scared, isolationist and nationalist Britain, or a bold, internationalist, social Britain? The European Union was founded as an international project for peace and common prosperity achieved through a single market and freedom of movement. It was a brave but broadly successful project, with this year marking the 70th anniversary of our peace in Europe. I am proud to be part of a organisation which is founded on peace-building and social principles, that pursues progressive policies through consensus, avoids cheap party-political...

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Friends of Palestine host poetry night with Remi Kanazi

Friends of Palestine Society are excited to host “A Night of Spoken Word” with main guest Remi Kanazi. Months after BDS referendum at the Guild, they’re celebrating their long awaited victory with this poetry night on Wednesday 10th of February, 7:30pm in the Cellar. This night comes in celebration after a student-wide referendum secured a Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions motion at the Guild, following several failed attempts putting the motion through Guild Summit. Boycott Divestment and Sanctions is a global movement targeting Israel for its oppressive treatment of Palestinians, in what is effectively an apartheid state. Remi Kanazi is poet and writer based in New York...

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VegSoc want you to go vegan for February

The newly formed VegSoc (Vegetarian and Vegan Society) at the University of Liverpool are challenging you to go vegan for four weeks. On Monday 1st of February, VegSoc have recruited vegan mentors to be spread across campus, and representatives will be available to talk to from 10am to 4pm at the Guild followed by an introductory talk in Activity Room 6 at 5pm. Meat eaters, vegetarians and already established vegans are welcome to come along to join in or learn more about the lifestyle. Now, before you jump the gun to criticise what may be preconceived as deluded hippy drivel...

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Candle lit vigil collects over 100 signatures for refugees

STAR Liverpool (Student Action for Refugees) held a candle lit vigil on the 10th of December at Uni Square in support of refugees involved in the current crisis. They collected over 100 signatures for a Refugees Welcome petition, that urges the government to accept more refugees and to increase their support of refugee migrants in the UK. The crisis is being labeled as “worst refugee crisis since WWII”. The UNHCR (UN Refugee Agency) has reported that there are now nearly 60 million people displaced as a result of conflict and crisis, with Syrians being the hardest hit.   Louise Ellman...

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Meet the students trying to Change It: Regular sport insurance

The Guild has a system called Change It, where students can submit an idea for the Guild to implement itself or across the University. People’s ideas range from lobbying the University to divest from fossil fuels, to lowering laundry costs on campus. We spoke to Tor Smith, who put forward a Change It idea for the Guild Insurance to cover regular sporting activities, such as Muggle Quidditch. What are you trying to get the Guild to implement? “I want the Guild Insurance to cover small sports that wouldn’t benefit from being part of AU, because Sport Liverpool have a standard £30 fee...

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