Author: Alex Parmar-Yee

The State of Student Media

This week I was lucky enough to go to the National Union of Students and Amnesty International Student Media Summit. The event provided student media leaders from across the country with the opportunity to get advice from industry leaders in how to improve their skills and further their careers in media. A large theme surrounding the event was about how media can be used to drive change in our world through exposing injustice, being the voice of the silenced, changing perceptions and holding our leaders to account. The roles I took during the last three years at Liverpool have given me a range...

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Why it was always going to be London

    So the day is finally upon us. London 2012 is mere hours away from kicking off. But how did the games come to London. Well I’m not going to look into the logistics and mishaps and what not? You can read 100s of articles about that already. Instead I’m going to take us back to 2005. Now people are surprised by the torch relays public response, but I do remember the hundreds of “Back the Bid” stickers all over the place. Anyways, here are the videos of all the candidate cities for the 2012 Olympic Games and...

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Bomb Scare at Carnatic Halls

LSMedia have been getting reports that there has been a bomb scare at Carnatic Halls of residence in Mosley Hill. There have been reports through twitter that residents have been evacuated to Greenbamk Halls, many in their pyjamas. One resident reported hearing a high pitch noise early although was unsure if it was an alarm. At the moment it is unclear if there is a real threat or who is behind the scare. Stay tuned to Lsmedia for news as it happens. UPDATE: This has been confirmed as only a scare and students are expected to return to halls...

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