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Here’s how to get involved!

Step 1:

Sign up for a user account on The Sphinx website. This will let you comment on articles, and will be set up as a contributor when you have completed step two.

Step 2

Become a member of the society – head to the Guild Reception (off University Square) or one of our meetings.

Membership is £5 for the year. Payment can be made on the Guild website at: https://www.liverpoolguild.org/groups/liverpool-student-media/

Step 3:

Email editor@liverpoolstudentmedia.com with your username to confirm you have paid your membership. Only registered and paid members will have their normal account on The Sphinx website made into a contributors’ account.

Make sure you stay in the loop by singing up to editorial bulletins by clicking here. All our editors will send regular emails to let you know about ideas/changes/special features and anything else they think you need to know.

Step 4

Email the editors of a section you’d like to write for with your ideas – include as much detail as possible such as article content, word count, deadline and section.

If you want to write but need an idea, email them anyway – they will give you more information and direction. You can find these on the Meet the Team page.

If you want to become a Regular Contributor across the site, email editor@liverpoolstudentmedia.com. To become a Regular Contributor in a particular section, email the editor of that section.

If you want to write weekly, fortnightly or monthly on a particular subject, you should become a Columnist! Email the editor of the relevant section with your suggestion.

If you want to become a Correspondent for a particular activity, society or area of the site, email editor@liverpoolstudentmedia.com or the relevant section editor.

To become an Editor you will have normally been writing for the site already. We will regularly promote particular Editor positions that we have open, so keep working with us to be considered for those positions!

Once all that is done you’ll be a fully fledged contributing member of The Sphinx ready to write and upload your own articles, attend section meetings and The Sphinx socials, have fun!

We are also interested in…


If you’d like to be a photographer for The Sphinx then get in touch with Joe here:


Web designers, developers and administrators

We really need web savvy volunteers to help keep The Sphinx site not just ticking over, but being actively developed. We need people to make new sections of the site, maintain existing areas, upgrade the WordPress system that The Sphinx runs on, approve new contributors, moderate comments and so on. We don’t have time to train people, so ideal candidates will already have experience of helping to run websites, as well as skills in HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, MySQL and Content Management Systems.

If this interests you, email web@liverpoolstudentmedia.com