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Step 1:

Sign up for a user account on The Sphinx website. This will let you comment on articles, and you will be set up as a contributor when you have completed step two.

Step 2

Become a member of the society – head to the Guild Reception (off University Square) or one of our meetings.

Membership is £5 for the year. Payment can be made on the Guild website at: www.liverpoolguild.org/groups/the-sphinx

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Email editor@liverpoolstudentmedia.com with your username to confirm you have paid your membership. Only registered and paid members will have their normal account on The Sphinx website made into a contributors’ account.

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Be sure to join our writers’ group on Facebook, where the majority or our communication takes place: The Sphinx writers’ group.

Step 4

Email our editors with your ideas – include as much detail as possible such as article content, word count, deadline and section. You may have a great idea for a regular column on food or politics – let us know.

If you want to write but need an idea, email them anyway – they will give you more information and direction. You can find our editors on the Meet the Team page.

Once all that is done you’ll be a fully-fledged contributing member of The Sphinx, ready to write articles, attend meetings, workshops and social events. Welcome to the team!


The Sphinx is a growing independent publication. This is really exciting, because it means we always need new team members to help us grow, and can offer great CV prospects in return for your hard work.

We recruit a Committee and Editorial team each year at our Annual General Meeting.

Keep an eye on our Facebook group to see details about applications. Committee members are elected, and editors are selected based on the application forms they send us.

We are also interested in…


We have some great equipment and need volunteers with the know-how to utilise it. If you’d like to be a photographer for The Sphinx then get in touch:


Website managers

Each year, we elect a Website Manager at our AGM. Ideal candidates will already have experience of computer science, with skills in HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, MySQL and Content Management Systems. Interested? editor@liverpoolstudentmedia.comweb@liverpoolstudentmedia.com

Business Director and Marketing Officers

Each year, we elect one Business Director and two Marketing Officers, whose task is to secure promotions and advertisement deals, boost our readership, design posters and promotional material and generally raise our profile on campus. The Business Director provides reports on our financial position and takes a lead role in purchasing and fundraising.

Social Media Editors

Social media is at the core of any online news outlet – each year, we elect two editors to drive our content through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Any questions? editor@liverpoolstudentmedia.com