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The editor’s letter

Good evening everyone! I hope you’re all managing to keep warm as Liverpool gets colder and colder. Here on LSMedia we’ve got news on the Guild refurbishment, FoodCycle’s first meal of the year, women’s...

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The Cinematics – Love and Terror

 Glasgow is one of the UK’s hotspots for musical forte, with artists such as Biffy Clyro, Paolo Nutini, Glasvegas, Amy MacDonald, Frightened Rabbit, Franz Ferdinand (the list goes on) crafting their sound in the countless number of art school bars and quaint little cafes the city has to offer. Glasgow is really a place for raw talent, and few bands are rawer than The Cinematics.

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Jay-Z: Death Of Autotune

In 2008, the nation went into hysteria over what seemed to be just a little juxtaposing idea… the nation’s media had a field day when it was announced that hip-hop superstar, Jay-Z was to not just play Glastonbury, but headline it, a move which propelled the king of festivals right into the generation where fans are willing to try a bit of everything.

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Gary Go – Open Arms

 Gary Go’s latest offering “Open Arms” brings together the innovative offbeat sound of indie with the tight production of mainstream pop in a union that sounds dangerously like Chris Martin taking centre stage at a Take That concert.

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Lily Allen – “Not Fair” – Single Review

"Not Fair" is the second offering from Lily Allen’s latest album It’s not me, it’s you and it provides razor sharp lyrics and catchy melodies by the truck load. This country and western influenced pop track is one of the highlights from the album and I can almost guarentee you will have it stuck in your head after listening.

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