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Sian Louise Auld, Makeup Artist, Interview

Lady Gaga is, perhaps, one of the most striking, dominating and creative women in music at the moment. And on first impressions what, exactly, do we, as the ever judgemental audience, see? Well, exactly this. Take away the clothes (although admittedly Gaga can be prone to wearing little, if any, at the best of times) and one is still given the image of this particular woman.

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Lady Gaga, London’s o2 Arena, 27/02/10

As soon as my silver platform boots set foot in the ex-Millennium Dome I knew I had entered the world of Lady Gaga. There were people of all ages milling around, dressed in styles emulating the star of the night’s show. I lost count of the amount of people with lightning bolts painted onto their faces, or heels that looked both beautiful and ridiculously painful.

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